FREE Tide Hygienic Clean Power Pods Samples at Walmart

Tide Hygienic Clean Power Pods

Download the Freeosk app and scan it at the Freeosk at a participating Walmart store for a FREE sample of Tide Hygienic Clean Power Pods (sampling 04/30 – 05/06) at Walmart.

You can also try the Freeosk by texting FREEME to 313131. You’ll receive a 12-digit code by text. Just type the code using the keypad on the Freeosk to get your sample. Find a Freeosk near you.

FREE Tide Hygienic Clean Power Pods at Walmart

FREE Chloe’s Pops and More!

Chloes Pops

Login or register and click the APPLY TO TRY button and take the survey. If you’re selected you’ll get the product / sample you applied for.

Currently, they’ve the following:

Salted Caramel Oatmilk Pops by Chloe’s Pops
Kids Marvel Pops by Chloe’s Pops
Tangy BBQ Sauce by Haven’s Kitchen
Foot Care Salve by Green Goo
Real Greek Yogurt by Ellenos
Spoonable Smoothie by Sweet Nothings
Mac & Cheese by Freak Flag Organics
Mac & Cheese by Plant Camp
Date Snack Packs by Joolies
Melatonin 5 mg by Frunutta
Frozen Wraps by Cool Beans
Melatonin 10 mg by Frunutta
Hydration Drinks by ROAR Organic
Organic Juice by Uncle Matt’s
Plant-Based Burritos by Alpha Foods
Organic Oat Milk by RISE Brewing Co.
Vegan Broth by Ocean’s Halo
Organic Soy-Free Sauce by Ocean’s Halo
Organic Noodles by Ocean’s Halo
Soft Baked Bars by Simple Mills
Organic Soy-Free Dressing by Ocean’s Halo
Vitamin C 500 mg by Frunutta
Cruelty-Free Setting Spray by PYT Beauty

and more…

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