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A Moment

These Kindle ebooks can be read on Kindle Wireless Reading Device, on the PC, and a host of other mobile devices with Amazon’s FREE reading apps.

Please note that at the time of posting, these Kindle ebooks are FREE but Kindle prices change frequently. Make sure that the Kindle price is $0.00 before you checkout! Happy reading!

Today’s Top Rated Kindle Books

  • A Moment by Marie Hall
  • The Legend of Oescienne – The Finding by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
  • Executive: A Thriller by Leslie Wolfe
  • Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte
  • Wicked Days by Lily Harper Hart
  • Finding Peace by Melanie D. Snitker
  • Muffin Top by Tabatha Kiss
  • ARV-3 by Cameo Renae
  • The Dirty Parts of the Bible — A Novel by Sam Torode
  • Who, What, Where, When, Die by Amanda M. Lee
  • Through Glass by Rebecca Ethington
  • Quinn Checks In: A Gripping Thriller by LH Thomson
  • When You Come Home by Nancy Pitts
  • Poe, Edgar Allan: The Complete Tales and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Love for Sail – A Connie Barrera Thriller: The 1st Novel in the Caribbean Mystery and Adventure Series by Charles Dougherty
  • Eat Meat And Stop Jogging: ‘Common’ Advice On How To Get Fit Is Keeping You Fat And Making You Sickby Mike Sheridan
  • Taste for Trouble: Blake Brothers #1 by Susan Sey
  • The Comanche Girl’s Prayer, Texas Women of Spirit Book 2 by Angela Castillo

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Drama/Fiction Kindle Books

  • Things We Once Held Dear
  • The Maze
  • Sea Captain’s Promise
  • Breeder: Arrow’s Flight Book #1
  • A Crush on Her Best Friend’s Brother, Part 1
  • Divine
  • Quinn Checks In: A Gripping Thriller
  • My Kind of Love
  • The Elusive Miss Ellison
  • The Dirty Parts of the Bible — A Novel
  • Red Zone – There is no overtime in the game of murder — only sudden death.
  • Ava and Will

Action/Mystery/Thriller Kindle Books

  • Love for Sail – A Connie Barrera Thriller: The 1st Novel in the Caribbean Mystery and Adventure Series
  • The Case Of The Pinioned Bosoms: Inspector Cullot Mystery Series Book 2
  • Follow Titanic A Marsha & Danny Jones Thriller
  • Noble Man
  • Kissing the Werewolf – An Izzy Cooper Novel
  • Billy’s War: A courageous little boy in war-torn Britain triumphs against the odds
  • Genetic Bullets: A Thriller
  • The Prophet
  • Dead Man Calling: An Undertaker Mystery
  • Alien Romance: RETURNED: An Alien Warrior Romance:
  • In the Forest of Light and Dark: A Witchcraft Thriller
  • Quinn Checks In: A Gripping Thriller

Science Fiction Kindle Books

  • Our End Of The Lake: Surviving After The 2012 Solar Storm
  • Land of Nod, The Prophet
  • Threads
  • The Quick and the Blue
  • The Debt Collector
  • The Terran Representative
  • Curse

Cooking/Food Kindle Books

  • Vegan: 31 Delicious and Easy Recipes – Your Everyday Vegan Cookbook
  • Ice Cream Cannabis Creations: Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato & Milkshake Recipes That Will Get You High
  • Clean Eating: Made Simple The Best Way To Lose Weight Naturally With Delicious,25 Clean Eating Food Recipes That You’d Love To Cook
  • Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss: Scientifically Proven: The Secret Guide to Permanent Weight Loss Using the Ketogenic Diet
  • Air Fryer Cookbook
  • Instant Pot Cookbook: A Comprehensive Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook with 200 Quick, Easy, and Healthy Recipes for Amazingly Delicious Meals

Religion Kindle Books

  • The Life and Prayers of Saint Therese of Lisieux
  • Just the Way You Are
  • Reflections: Prayers from the Heart of a 14 – Year Old Boy: A Small Victory in Prayer
  • We All Married Idiots – 3 Things You Will Never Change About Your Marriage and 10 Things You Can
  • Free to lift my hands:

Romance Kindle Books

  • Pin Down
  • Dark Hero: A Gothic Romance
  • Love for Sail – A Connie Barrera Thriller: The 1st Novel in the Caribbean Mystery and Adventure Series
  • Jace: Wolves of the Rising Sun #1
  • Crescent City Fae Complete Boxed Set
  • Die By the Drop: Shivers and Sins Volume 1
  • Catch Me

Fantasy Kindle Books

  • The Children of Wisdom Trilogy
  • Sleeping Dragon
  • The Devil’s Pride
  • Chasing Princes
  • Children of Fire
  • The Outrider Legion: Book One

History Kindle Books

  • Forgotten History: Captivating History Events that Have Been Forgotten
  • Hinduism: Adopting Hinduism as a Way of Life + The Ultimate Guide to Hindu Gods, Hindu Beliefs, Hindu Rituals and Hindu Religion
  • Survival: Hijacking into Freedom: A Historical Fiction Action Novel

Biographies/Memoirs Kindle Books

  • Darkest Waters
  • Who Is Harrison Sawyer?
  • Manson’s Girl : The True Story of Leslie Van Houten

Business Kindle Books

  • Jeff Shavitz on Small Business AhaMessages: 140 Key Axioms That Every Business Owner Should Consider
  • PASSIVE INCOME: Step by Step Passive Income – Your Detailed Guide to Generating Passive Income Off the Internet: Includes FREE Bonus
  • Passive Income: Make Money Online Through Multiple Income Streams: Step By Step Guide To Create Financial Freedom

Humor Kindle Books

  • Petectives – A Cat Mystery
  • The Book of Craw: A Hobo’s Testament

Children’s/Teen Kindle Books

  • Sanctum
  • Only A Kiss
  • The Legend of Oescienne – The Finding
  • Children’s Books: WHO TOOK MY BANANA?
  • The Dirty Parts of the Bible — A Novel

Horror Kindle Books

  • Padlocked Penthouse
  • The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death – 26 Short Stories of Occult, Metaphysical, and Fantastical Horror
  • La La Land: A Zombie Dystopian Novel
  • Through Glass: The Blue
  • Poe, Edgar Allan: The Complete Tales and Poems

Other/Misc Kindle Books

  • How to Not Be Jealous: Ways to Deal With, Overcome and Stop Relationship Jealousy
  • Fruit Infused Water: 101 Fruit Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss, Detox and Metabolism Boosting Vitamin Water
  • A Book of Dog Breeds For Children:: They’re All Dogs

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