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These Kindle ebooks can be read on Kindle Wireless Reading Device, on the PC, and a host of other mobile devices with Amazon’s FREE reading apps.

Please note that at the time of posting, these Kindle ebooks are FREE but Kindle prices change frequently. Make sure that the Kindle price is $0.00 before you checkout! Happy reading!

Today’s Top Rated FREE Kindle Books

  • Hamfist Over The Trail: The Air Combat Adventures of Hamilton “Hamfist” Hancock by G. E. Nolly
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Grim Tidings by Amanda M. Lee
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • SEALed Bride: A Bad Boy Romance by B. B. Hamel
  • Dirty Talk by S.L. Scott
  • Bought: Highest Bidder by Lauren Landish
  • Lost Girls by Bob Mayer
  • Shallow Graves by Patrick Logan
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  • Forever: Book One of The Abandoned by Eric Marier
  • Rocked by Taryn Elliott
  • Harley Hill Cozy Three Book Murder Mystery Bundle: Books 1-3 by Kennedy Chase
  • Disconnected Book #1 by L Calell
  • Sharpe Shooter by Lisa B. Thomas
  • Disappearing in Plain Sight by Francis Guenette
  • Shadowborn by Moira Katson

All free kindle books download…

FREE Drama/Fiction Kindle Books

  • All Things Considered
  • Bought: Highest Bidder
  • The Graduate: Making the Grade
  • The Widow and the Orphan
  • A Cute Pair of Shorts: Two Stories by Laurie Baxter
  • Return To The Snake Pit
  • Wild Rivers West Adventure Series Vol. 1 – 4
  • Silent Source: A Medical Thriller
  • Travelers in Painted Wagons: On Cohay Creek
  • A Romance of Two Worlds
  • Standalone Girl: A Novel Contemporary Romance
  • London Lace, #1
  • Pointe Of Darkness
  • An American Holocaust: The Story of Lataine’s Ring

FREE Action/Mystery/Thriller Kindle Books

  • Secret of the Nexus
  • Transport: Death Mission
  • Dark Before Dawn
  • In The Fog: Novel
  • Love for Sail – A Connie Barrera Thriller: The 1st Novel in the Caribbean Mystery and Adventure Series
  • Disconnected Book #1
  • Follow Triangle – Vanish: Marsha & Danny Jones Thriller
  • The Deerslayer
  • Tyranny in the Homeland: Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Fiction Series
  • King Peso: An Emilia Cruz Novel
  • Go Softly All My Years
  • A Zombie Christmas: The Mike Beem Chronicles
  • Final Target

FREE Science Fiction Kindle Books

  • Three Days Breathing
  • Doctor Mars
  • Frostbite
  • A Short Story Longer
  • Escaping the Undead: Books 1 – 3
  • I, Judas The 5th Gospel
  • The Lost Hero

FREE Cooking/Food Kindle Books

  • Slow Cooker: Ketogenic Diet: 92 Ketogenic, Low Carb, Healthy, Delicious, Easy Recipes: Cooking and Recipes for Weight Loss – 2nd Edition
  • 150 Easy Classic Chicken Recipes
  • 120 Hot Chocolate Recipes
  • Kombucha Simplified: The ultimate guide to kombucha tea, its health benefits, and how to brew at home.
  • Diabetic Diet Cookbook: Delicious And Easy Diabetic Diet Recipes For Beginners
  • Paleo Parents’ Beginner Guide: Transform your meals with family friendly recipes the kids will love!
  • Carb Cycling: Delicious, Weight Loss Recipes For Rapid Fat Loss, With Increased Energy And Motivation For Life, Enjoying The Foods You Love

FREE Religion Kindle Books

  • Shallow Graves
  • Sharpe Shooter
  • Lies Your Sunday School Teacher Told You
  • 33AD – A Parody of Biblical Proportions
  • Chakras: Align Your Mind, Body And Soul – Experience Abundance Of “Spiritual Energy” Through: Chakra Healing & Chakra Meditation.
  • The Gospel of Mary: A Fresh Translation and Holistic Approach
  • Deliver Me From Negative Emotions: Controlling Negative Emotions and Finding Peace In The Midst of Storms
  • Another Second Chance: God’s Story
  • Abandoned Hearts

FREE Romance Kindle Books

  • Where There’s Smoke
  • Anna Karenina
  • Dreaming in Dairyland
  • Rock, Rattle & Roll
  • The Big Girl’s Guide to Buying Lingerie: A Cowboy Love Story
  • Entangled with a Sociopath
  • Trust Me: Matty and Kayla’s Story

FREE Fantasy Kindle Books

  • The Secret of Excalibur
  • Veil Between Worlds
  • The Princess and the Soldier: A New Fairy Tale

FREE History Kindle Books

  • Alexander Hamilton
  • World War 2: Heroes: Jean Moulin & The French Resistance Forces in WWII
  • Searching For Dracula In Romania

FREE Biographies/Memoirs Kindle Books

  • Nothing Happens For A Reason
  • Living the Best Day Ever

FREE Business Kindle Books

  • Minimalist Living: How To Live In A Van And Get Off The Grid
  • Charisma: Conversation Skills, Influence, Social Skills, People Skills

FREE Humor Kindle Books

  • Ghostnip

FREE Children’s/Teen Kindle Books

  • The Mystery of Adventure Island
  • Ordinary
  • The Impossible Medallion
  • Shadowborn

FREE Horror Kindle Books

  • Wife of the Left Hand
  • Shallow Graves

FREE Other/Misc Kindle Books

  • Blood Pressure Solutions:Blood Pressure: 40 Super-foods that will naturally lower your blood pressure
  • Walking: Weight Loss Motivation: Lose Weight, Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism
  • Blood Pressure Solution: 30 Proven Natural Superfoods To Control & Lower Your High Blood Pressure

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