FREE Charmin Basic Toilet Paper and Coupon


Request a FREE roll of Charmin Basic Toilet Paper from P&G. The website is in Spanish. If needed, use the Google Translate tool to help you translate in English.

1) Create an account HERE.
2) Once you have crated an account go HERE, press the Pide tu muestra y tu cupon button and confirm to request a FREE roll and coupon.


Nombre (name), Apellido (Surname), Correo electrónico (Email), Confirma tu dirección electrónica (Confirm e-mail address), Contraseña (Password) Confirma tu contraseña (Confirm Password), Código postal (Zip Code), Cuándo naciste? (When were you born?), Cuál es tu sexo? (What is your gender?)
Make sure to mark the checkbox

* Allow 5 to 7 weeks for delivery.

FREE Charmin Basic Toilet Paper and Coupon – EXPIRED

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