‘A Time To Love’ and 118 More Kindle eBook Downloads

A Time To Love

These Kindle ebooks can be read on Kindle Wireless Reading Device, on the PC, and a host of other mobile devices.

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  • Until the Robin Walks on Snow by Bernice L. Rocque
  • A Deal with the Devil by Abby Matisse
  • A Song of Africa by Ronald Wheatley
  • THE BOOKS OF RACHEL by Joel Gross
  • Maternal Harbor by Marie F Martin
  • 1929 (Book One) by M.L. Gardner
  • The Phantom of Valletta by Vicki Hopkins
  • Bountiful Creek by Steven B. Weissman
  • Beyond the Sand Creek Bridge by Scott Wyatt
  • The Queen of Minor Disasters by Antonietta Mariottini
  • Box Set: The Arrington Trilogy by Roxane Tepfer Sanford
  • When Girlfriends Break Hearts by Savannah Page


  • Sand: The Colonel’s Daughter by Lili Tufel
  • Slow Boat To Purgatory by Vernon Baker
  • The Chalice (Luna Vampire Series) by Christine Asher
  • First Murder by Fred Limberg
  • Wrecked by Elle Casey
  • No Time To Die by J.D. Trafford
  • The Perfect Plan by Ty Hutchinson
  • Jim Knighthorse Series: All Three Books
  • Innocent Little Crimes by C. S. Lakin
  • Shreds of Humanity by mj Hangge
  • Bang by David Wailing
  • Saving Brooksie by Scott McElhaney
  • Cloning Christ by David Scott Hay
  • THE LINCOLN LETTER by Gretchen Elhassani
  • The Duplicata by David Thornhill Thompson

Science Fiction

  • Cassandra’s Time Yarns (Time Yarns Anthologies)
  • To Walk in the Way of Lions by H. Leighton Dickson
  • Milwaukee Deep by G. Michael

89 more Kindle books…

  • Dream Walker by Shannan Sinclair
  • Columbus: Flight by J.C. Rainier
  • Gravity – Journey to Nyorfias, Book 2 by T.M. Roy
  • Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever by Phoenix Sullivan
  • White Ash on Bone: A Zombie Novel by Jason Campagna


  • Best Ever Fruit Cobbler & Crisp Recipes
  • Microgreens
  • Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbooks #1 And #2
  • Quick and Easy Lunch Recipes For One
  • 50 Percent Raw
  • 30 Paleo Diet Recipes Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks, Desserts
  • Meet The Meatloaf
  • Holiday Recipes for all the Holiday Gatherings
  • Traditional British Jubilee Recipes
  • 30 Delicious Ice Cream Cake Recipes
  • Delicious Cookies and Bars


  • Red Velvet by Sandra Byrd
  • A North Georgia Christmas by Howard Wigington
  • The Well-Lived Laugh by Rachel St. John-Gilbert
  • Earthquake Resurrection by David W. Lowe
  • Deconstructing Lucifer by David W. Lowe
  • When Everything Falls Apart by C. E. Ellicott
  • Texas Roads (A Miller’s Creek Novel) by Cathy Bryant


  • Chasing Clovers by Kat Flannery
  • Out of the Dark by Jennifer Blake
  • CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR… by Paula Millhouse
  • The Two Pound Chic Magnet by Kathryn Ardell
  • First Class to Portland by AJ Harmon
  • Blood From a Stone by Cynthia Lucas
  • Return To Middle C by Gregory Shultz
  • Suddenly a Bride by Cynthia Thomason
  • Intimate Enemies by Joan Swan
  • Trading Up by Sandra Edwards


  • Love and World Eaters by Nick Wisseman
  • On Unfaithful Wings by Bruce Blake
  • Flux by Mark R Faulkner
  • Glitter and Trauma by Emma Kathryn
  • Fall by David Scott Hay
  • Hanging Flynn by Addison Lane
  • Poison Oak Summer Part One by AK Dawson
  • Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide by Keith Cox


  • Give ‘Em Hell: A Killer History Tribute to Harry S. Truman by Marek McKenna
  • The Kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah by Eros
  • The Duel For America: Jefferson vs. Hamilton by John Walton
  • Wildcat Juliet: On the Ground in Sadr City by Jason N. Thelen


  • I Ran Away To A Hippie Commune And Nothing Has Been The Same Since by Darla Antoine
  • Humphrey Was Here: A Dog Owner’s Story of Love, Loss, and Letting Go by Mark J. Asher
  • We Never Lost Hope by Naomi Litvin
  • Goodnight Dear by Darren Humphries
  • Hell of a Salesman by Timothy Brooks
  • Seouled Out by Andrew Henderson-Henderson
  • Gypsy Spirit by Christine Bukruian
  • The World’s Most Famous Unknown Magician and Ventriloquist by Bob Carroll


  • Be The News by Lori Gertz
  • Professional Destiny by Valerie Hausladen
  • Your Path to Publication by Kim Wright
  • Apiculture and Beekeeping Simplified
  • Google by Gabriela Taylor


  • The Compulsive Chef by Stephen Anthony
  • Best of Green Space: 30 Years of Composted Columns by Duane Campbell
  • The Imperfect Enjoyment by Dewan W. Gibson
  • The Chocolate Gravy Queen by Memphis Layne
  • School For Scumbags by Danny King

Graphic Novels

  • The Bad Guys: Issue 1 by Steven Novak
  • More Horti-humour by Stephen Grindley
  • Horti-humour by Stephen Grindley
  • Meet Franklin Bean by Emmy Swain


  • The Land of the Dead: Book Four of the Oz Chronicles by R.W. Ridley
  • Comes from Words by Justine Macauley
  • Little League Heroes by Joe Jackson
  • The Binkle and the Catawampus Compass by Faith Lynella
  • Cinderella Geek by K. Sean Jennkrist
  • Leon Chameleon PI and the case of the missing canary eggs by Janet Hurst-Nicholson
  • The Adventures of Sam Spike by The Karate Kids
  • Lie to Me (an OddRocket title) by Suzanne Brahm
  • The Worry Glasses: Overcoming Anxiety by Donalisa Helsley


  • Children of the Fog by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
  • The St. Petersburg Confessions by Ty Hutchinson
  • It Hides In Darkness by Ross C. Hamilton
  • The Apostasy by Ted Minkinow
  • Elena by Duncan Lloyd
  • Time to Time by Don Pendleton


  • Massage
  • Homemade Cosmetics by Kirsten Anderberg
  • So You’ve Got A Cataract?
  • Something Different by T. Baggins
  • Protection by T. Baggins

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