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Zombie Rules

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Today’s Top Rated Kindle Books

  • An Accidental Death by Peter Grainger
  • Primal Instinct by Sydney Somers
  • An Avalon Christmas by Darien Gee
  • The Last Call by George Wier
  • Barefoot with a Bodyguard by Roxanne St. Claire
  • When the Smoke Clears by Kenya Wright
  • The Anonymous Source by A.C. Fuller
  • It’s Complicated by Julia Kent
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
  • Serial Killers Case Files by RJ Parker PhD
  • Zombie Rules by David Achord
  • Eyes of Ember by Rebecca Ethington
  • Scorched Treachery by Rebecca Ethington
  • Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae

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Drama/Fiction Kindle Books

  • Pieced Together
  • The Long Road to Heaven
  • In The Shadow of Babylon
  • Beautiful Torture
  • Savannah’s Journey
  • Flawless

Action/Mystery/Thriller Kindle Books

  • The Lady of the Lake
  • When A Warrior Comes Home
  • Night of the Hunted
  • The Christmas Thief
  • Quiet The Dead
  • Think Murder
  • Lies Come True

Science Fiction Kindle Books

  • Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors
  • Advance
  • Red Tide
  • The New World
  • I Am Automaton
  • Lavabull
  • Alastair

Cooking/Food Kindle Books

  • Boba Bubble Tea
  • Cake Ball Recipes
  • Meals in Jars
  • Homemade Frosting
  • Pumpkin Recipes
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Hummus

Religion Kindle Books

  • A Song for Bellafortuna
  • The Shadow in the Garden
  • The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer
  • Indebted
  • As Long As You Both Shall Live

Romance Kindle Books

  • Maddox
  • The Wait
  • Sniper
  • Hear No Evil
  • Nectar
  • This is Me.
  • Awaken
  • Choices

Fantasy Kindle Books

  • Dying for Her
  • The Legend of Shark Island
  • The Last Volunteer
  • Cold Company
  • The Promised One
  • Matchbox Girls

History Kindle Books

  • Stalingrad
  • The Man With The MonaLisa Smile

Biographies/Memoirs Kindle Books

  • Wicca Candle Magic
  • Simon Palomar
  • Dead Man Running
  • Gary Johnson
  • Criminal Psychology

Business Kindle Books

  • How to Make a Business When You’re Broke
  • How to Quit Your Job
  • How To Start a Business
  • The Tiny Book of Big Garage Sale Secrets
  • Harder Working Money
  • How to Make Money While Traveling

Humor Kindle Books

  • The Pudgys in Paradise
  • Crimes Against Civility
  • Redneck

Children’s/Teen Kindle Books

  • Harry Saves The Day
  • Sean wants to be Messi
  • You Never Called Me Princess
  • Twist and Turn
  • Amish Pen Pals
  • The Lucky Little Lyrebird
  • Trapped

Horror Kindle Books

  • Young Blood
  • What Became Of Her
  • Homesick
  • This Broken Veil
  • It Lives In The Basement

Other/Misc Kindle Books

  • Strumming 101
  • Hypothyroidism And Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Ketone Power
  • Critical Thinking
  • Learning
  • Essential Oils For Pets

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