WIN $5000 a WEEK for LIFE from Publisher’s Clearing House!

May 15, 2013 · 13 Comments


Simply submit this official entry registration form by the deadline posted in the Official Rules and YOU could WIN $5,000.00 A week for LIFE!

NOTE: Make sure to use a spare email account for this.

WIN $5000 a WEEK for LIFE from Publisher’s Clearing House!

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13 Comments on WIN $5000 a WEEK for LIFE from Publisher’s Clearing House!

  1. Varnea Dickerson on Wed, 9th Jan 2013 4:44 pm
  2. I have been dealing with them since I have gotten my PC and have yet to win.Once you have been confirmed the take you to there sister site and they have mag. and some as seen on TV stuff. Once they had these scratch off tickets mixed in with there product and I won 2.000 dollars now they sent me this eye cream but they did not mention my money so no I am not a fan. And this was less then a week ago.

  3. Glenda Perez on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 10:00 pm
  4. California remember My Prize Patrol PCH. Welcome to my house,please knock my door on Feb.28/2013

  5. Glenda Perez on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 10:02 pm
  6. Welcome to my house My Prize Patrol PCH 2/28/2013 I am already to win $5,000,00 a week forever. Remember California I will waiting!!!

  7. Cassandra on Tue, 26th Feb 2013 1:47 pm
  8. Oh how I wish I could win pch 5,000 a week for life on feb28th I want to win so so bad you just don’t know how much.#1830 forever SuperPrize winner.

  9. Darvey Lewis on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 12:30 am
  10. Hi I Ben a pch fan for some years now n I love being a part of it I never won anything yet but I don’t care about that I just love the searching and playing the games

  11. gary on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 12:15 pm
  12. i hope i win im in fort worth tx, we could really use some money.

  13. gilberto torres on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 2:03 pm
  14. if it was the big winner of the 28 february would fulfill my dream of seeing my house repaird that it is a total disaster, i commend you for the work you do to help everyone out of poverty god bless and yood luck to everyone

    gilbert torres

  15. josh on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 2:24 pm
  16. i have moved a lot and changed my email but i have entered pch sweepstakes for about 9 years now. i know i will win something someday. the 5000 dollars a week forever prize is mine!

  17. marjorie on Thu, 28th Feb 2013 2:54 pm
  18. I would think Publisher’s would contact you before 2/28/13 if you are a winner to make sure at your home on the day they come knocking. Sounds too quircky to me.

  19. ricky coak on Mon, 13th May 2013 12:54 pm
  20. boy: I like to this money for life I need a house.

  21. Susan VanOrden on Mon, 16th Dec 2013 8:48 pm
  22. Susan VanOrden put me in the sweepstakes THANK YOU

  23. Cassandra on Tue, 27th Jan 2015 9:29 am
  24. I would love to win because I’ve been a member since the eighties and I would love to give back like buying a new church home for the my church because we need to move from where we are now God Bless

  25. Kim Shimkus on Sat, 26th Dec 2015 2:58 pm
  26. I want to win $1,000,000 Plus $5,000 A Week For Life!

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